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Apply for a Mortgage in 10 Minutes

Our online system shows you the best mortgages based on your personal profile, and lets you apply to  3 banks in 10 minutes, completely online.  This is much faster than traditional mortgage agents, which can take up to 2 weeks.

Get the best Package on the Market

Traditional mortgage agents are incentivised by earning the highest commission, and do not always give you the best deal.   We do not give our mortgage agents any commission. Our mortgage agents negotiate hard to get you the best rate. We reward our agents based on the review you leave them.

Sell your property for a fixed rate

Don't sell your property on comission, sell it quick and easy with Hypomo's fixed rate mortgage.

Only online Mortgage broker in Slovakia

We are the only true Online Mortgage broker in Slovakia and the only 5 star rated Broker aswell! 

More than 1000 happy users around the world

Hypomo is the fastest growing European Mortgage broker, now serving 3 countries and counting.

Free Service

We represent the banks and therefore do not charge any fees to our customers, our low cost solution allows us to save you 100's on your mortgage.

Here's why to choose Hypomo


Guaranteed Best Mortgage Rate

Get Started Online

No Jargon

Apply from anywhere in the world

Secure document process


Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Hypomo have any investors?

MKB Bank Hungary was the first investor in Hypomo, Hypomo was part of their Fintech accelerator where it originally grew out.

Who's behind Hypomo?

Mark Flores Martin and Monika Bereczova founded Hypomo trough an investment from MKB Bank. It quickly launched in Slovakia and launching in Hungary, Poland and Austria soon.

How do I know that Hypomo is safe?

Hypomo is a certified financial agent with the National Bank of Slovakia. Our registration number is 231967, which you can double-check on the National Bank's official website here.

Can Hypomo help me obtain a pre-approval certificate?

Yes, Hypomo can offer you a pre-approval certificate which helps significantly with the property purchase process in Slovakia. The certificate serves to show sellers and real estate agent that you are a serious buyer, which could help you access more and higher quality property deals. You can get started here.

How does Hypomo work

Hypomo lets you apply for a mortgage in under 10 minutes. Once you have signed up, our online system will help you compare the best deals across 95% of all Slovak lenders, before showing you the most suitable mortgages based on your personal profile. You can then select the banks you would like to apply to, all in the comfort of your own home!


What people say about us

Hypomo has been rated a consistent 5 stars

Using Hypomo to get mortgage was a great experience for me. Everything went smoothly, my agent explained all details, + and - sides of different approaches to me and knew what to expect.
All in all 5* from me :)

Dušan Miletić

“Recommended to everyone who need support for mortgage. Professional and answer all the question quickly. They help as much as they can.

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