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We call it the Happiness Model.
Hypomo is the first mortgage broker in the world to operate based on your satisfaction. As a result, our agents' compensation is not commission-based; instead, it depends on the review you leave.

Your needs, our priority

Because we have a deep understanding of the needs of mortgage-seekers, particularly first-time buyers, we put our team's expertise at your disposal to help you find the best fit.

Secure environment

We regularly ensure that our systems run on the latest security technology according to the standards of the mortgage brokerage industry.

Easy to use

We tell you things straight, as they are. Finding a suitable mortgage doesn't have to be complicated or painful, so we have put much effort into creating an experience that you can enjoy. That includes removing unnecessary jargon from our software.


Hypomo's mission is to make mortgages simple, we’re creating a mortgage experience that is fast, free, and straightforward.

Monika Berecz
Monika Berecz | Co Founder

About Hypomo

Hypomo is a fast-growing and innovative leader in the mortgage brokerage industry. We are setting new standards and transforming how this industry operates, by changing how mortgage-seekers find and apply for the most suitable options, and how they are advised. Our experts are rewarded based on user reviews and not on the highest-bidding bank. Our focus is a fast, free-of-charge, and straightforward experience that puts users' needs first every time.

Hypomo vs. traditional mortgage brokers

Traditional mortgage brokers work in a pyramid structure, a scheme that drives sales via their brokers. So, when you get a loan through a mortgage broker, the company they represent provides them with a list of commissions from banks.
This means that a traditional broker might get a higher commission if you get a loan from Bank A instead of Bank B, as they will receive more money from Bank A in the form of commissions. This way of conducting business completely disregards the needs of the mortgage seeker. The priority is not the best interest of the buyer, but to close a deal as quickly as possible to the receive the commission from the bank.
Hypomo was built differently. We pay our staff a monthly wage, and the job of our experts is to get you the best deal possible. Depending on how satisfied you are and the review that you leave, they get extra money, but none of it in the form of a commission.
Hypomo's "buy a home, help another" campaign is a unique feature that allows our users to donate a part of our profits to a charity of their choice. We have now formed partnerships with a few charities, and are open to helping others.


You're in good company

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You're in good company

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